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Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire facilitates collaboration between local organizations, government, and citizens for implementing environmentally sustainable, culturally vibrant, and socially equitable projects that improve the quality of life for Cheshire residents.

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November 2022 Bronze Recertification  


Cheshire once-again qualified for the prestigious bronze-level certification.

Cheshire was awarded bronze recertification during the Sustainable CT Awards Celebration held on November 14th at the West Hartford Town Hall.  The spotlight on Cheshire's work was focused on the Cheshire Pollinator Pathway, a grassroots, all-volunteer group whose mission is to incorporate native plants back into the local environment.


Their efforts are in response to the drastic decline in pollinators, insects and birds, due to lack of native plants (such as milkweed for Monarch butterflies). Other causes for the declines are habitat loss, pesticides and light pollution.


In the past year, the group took on the management of the gardens at West Main, which is an area composed of three gardens, and includes the Michaela Petit Memorial garden, alongside the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.


The Cheshire Pollinator Pathway also accomplished a major fundraising goal to create a brand-new garden site adjacent to the parking lot at the Lock 12 Historic Park on North Brooksvale Rd.  Through Sustainable CT's Community Match Fund, the group was able to successfully raise $16K dollars for the major habitat restoration. 

The new garden, completed over the summer of 2022, re-opened the water view to the Willowbrook, and as the garden sits directly across from the Cheshire Pollinator Pathway's original garden, the enhancement to what had been previously neglected areas, have truly benefitted the town and users of the trail.    

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