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Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire facilitates collaboration between local organizations, government, and citizens for implementing environmentally sustainable, culturally vibrant, and socially equitable projects that improve the quality of life for Cheshire residents.



The Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire...

  • Encourages collaboration between individuals, municipal employees, non-profits, businesses, and local organizations. 

  • Creates and promotes volunteer opportunities for organizations and individuals.

  • Shares educational resources, knowledge, and best practices to enhance environmental awareness and sustainability.

  • Supports local and regional projects that align with the state-wide Sustainable CT initiative.

  • Provides information and support for funding opportunities for local projects.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

A. Fiona Pearson (Co-Chair) – CCSU, Department of Sociology; Grant Writer

Karen Schnitzer (Co-Chair) – Quinnipiac Valley Audubon Society

James J. Jinks (Treasurer) – Bike Cheshire, President

Joy VanderLek (Secretary) – Mill River Watershed Association 

Jennifer Dillon – Cheshire Academy, Department of History & Sustainability Coordinator

Sean Ghio - Partnership for Strong Communities; Sustainable CT

Patricia Mottola – SCSU, Department of English; Connecticut Poetry Society, President

Pamela Roach – South Central Region of Council of Governments

Greg Wolff - Hartford Fine Art | Bike Cheshire 

Amy Velasquez - Regional Water Authority, Sustainability Lead

Cheshire Pollinator Pathway

Joy VanderLek - Director | Project Manager

Joanna deBear - Assistant Director

Youth Environment Coalition

Jennifer Dillon - Director



Robert J. Anderson – Connecticut Department of Labor
Mark Kasinskas - Forester |  Environmental Planner (AICP) | Geographer
Elsa E. Loehmann – Water Resources Engineer, Fuss & O'Neill

Student Liaisons

Aishlinn Parr - Cheshire Academy

Siddhant Bhardwaj (Web Manager) - Cheshire High School 

Haley Shaw - Cheshire High School


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