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The Medium is the Message

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

How to share important messages from the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire to residents in a fun and meaningful way?

"Here Comes the Scarecrows" was the perfect vehicle.

Scarecrows can be found throughout Cheshire this month. There's a big turnout on the First Congregational Church green on Church Drive. That's where you'll find CSC's "Courtney Compost" and our Cheshire Pollinator Pathway group's "Goldie Rod."

Courtney Compost was created, in part, from items found in this year's town bulky waste collection. Post-consumer waste include items we indiscriminately discard, toss away in one way or another. Courtney Compost brings attention to sustainability. Items should be made and used responsibly. Repurposing and recycling will help to keep everyday items out of the waste stream (which is better for the planet and also our pocketbooks!).

Our thanks to artist Kathryn Frund for her fabulous creativity!

Goldie-Rod, the Cheshire Pollinator Pathway's scarecrow, also has an important message. Pollinators, like Monarch butterflies and other insects, are in sharp decline due to pesticide use and loss of habitat. You can help by planting native plants (straight species) and not using pesticides. Come see the garden along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, 487 North Brooksvale Road, across from the Lock 12 Historic Site parking lot.

The 2nd Annual "Here Comes the Scarecrows" is sponsored by the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, Artsplace, Cheshire Public Library and Cheshire Parks and Recreation.

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