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Cheshire's Summer of Sunflowers 2022

The Summer of Sunflowers is Back for 2022. The community growing project turned out so well last year, let's make it even better this year! The Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire will begin to give out sunflower seeds at the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Home, Health & Garden Show on April 2nd. Stop by our table to pick up your.

You can begin to plant after the last frost, around May 1st. Plant three (3) at a time every few weeks. Here's the instructions:

  • Choose a spot that gets FULL SUN

  • Choose a spot that can be seen from the road/sidewalk.

  • Flower heads follow the sun, KEEP that in mind when you plant.

  • To sow seeds, water your soil, press seeds an inch (1 inch) deep about 6-8 in. apart.

  • Cover with netting to protect from birds. Water consistently for quick results.

  • Start three to five (3-5) seeds in May and 3-5 seeds in early June

  • Blooms can be expected in August

  • For best results: add organic fertilizer, potting soil, or compost to seedbed.

  • Designate a minimum 2’x 2’ area if possible

  • When starting seeds in the ground, a partially buried wire cage is recommended to protect seedlings from hungry critters.

  • You can also start seeds in a 5 gal bucket/pot with holes in the bottom for drainage.

  • Transplant when your sunflower is big enough.

  • Water your sunflowers once a week or when leaves start to wilt.

  • Stake the stalks as they grow to maintain the top-heavy flowers.

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