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Welcome Jocelyn Theriault

The Coalition officially brought Jocelyn Theriault to the board this summer.

l-r, Jocelyn Theriault with CSC's Karen Schnitzer are shown with CHS mascot at the 2022 Home, Health and Garden Show at Cheshire High School
l-r, Jocelyn Theriault with CSC's Karen Schnitzer shown with CHS mascot at the 2022 Home, Health and Garden Show at Cheshire High School

Jocelyn is a 2017 Cheshire High School graduate who received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in research from UConn in 2021. This fall, she will be returning to UConn to start her Masters in Social Work, pursuing a concentration in Individuals, Groups, and Families Practice. She will be interning with Cheshire Youth Services this year, mainly assisting with their counseling services team who serve youth and families in town.

Jocelyn is dedicated to issues of health and well-being, human rights, and justice of all kinds, and desires to work with people at various levels, from individuals in need to broader, community action groups. This led her to pursue a masters degree in social work because this path incorporates all of her interests and passions into one field. These interests also led her to join the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire, because it plays an important role in influencing the well-being and longevity of our community through its sustainability and equity projects.

Jocelyn is currently working with the Coalition on addressing the Effective Compassionate Homelessness Prevention action category toward Cheshire's Silver certification with Sustainable CT. Her work in this category will bring to light how homelessness uniquely impacts Cheshire residents and how residents and town officials can better address it and prevent it. As she begins her education in social work, Jocelyn feels she will bring important insight about the practice and implementation of social change among individuals, communities, and governments, which can strengthen the efforts of the Coalition.

When not working with the Coalition, you may see Jocelyn biking or walking the Linear Trail, enjoying a book outdoors, listening to her favorite music, or enjoying local restaurants with friends.

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